Why Reflecting back on 2019 blows my mind?

Posted by Rahul Sharma on 04 January, 2020 (Saturday)

It just blows my mind, when I decided to look back on what had happened in 2019. We are on the verge of 2019; all are planning for their New Year resolution.

Well, I was thinking to do the same and was confused about what to quit and why, what are the new habits I should develop, but suddenly I thought what is so special in quitting on 1st January because only the calendar could change in a day, not me.
We are the creature of our habits, which take time to build and take time to replace. True transformation takes time, it needs more than a desire and a new date. While I am not against resolutions but for me, every moment is new and cannot be live again.
When I was juggling with all of this in my mind, I thought why not I should take time to review, what I have done in 2018. What are the things I achieved and what I did not?
Suddenly my mind start focusing on the events that happened in last 12 months, people I meet, lessons I learned, support I receive and the emotions I experienced in this time span. This is extremely amazing year that I have ever live.
My breakthroughs that happened, transformations I go through and the growth I encountered, this all left me with Goosebumps and in a high positive emotional state.
Here I am sharing few of those AAAAAAHA moments.
1. Attended following life changing training programs:

Millionaire mind intensive

Training Busine$$ Launchpad
Inner Engineering (Life transformational event)
Attended lap of the master
You are born Genius
Sanskrit speaking camp
Discover your self
Awaken the Giant within with Tony Robbins
2. Learn few amazing skills
Speed reading
Mind Mapping
Training mass audience etc.
3. I done my 30 days solo trip (it changed the whole picture of my life)
4. Visit to Isha yoga center (believe me it will blow your mind and you will feel your energies working different)
5. I did volunteering
6. Visited on of my long term waited place: Tirupati Temple
7. Stay in a different city for 30 days.
8. Made my Vision board (IF you don’t know your vision, what will you manifest)
9. Finally read Bhagwat Geeta
10. Read more than 80 books , just double of last year
11. Wrote more than 5 poetries, 2 fictional stories and few other stuff
12. Wrote my first book Read like a Robot, will publish soon it’s in final round
13. Make my first Workbook and plan a training program on its basis; Get Your Power Back
14. Encounter and overcome my Fear of Camera and filmed more than 5 videos (it’s funny but it was a huge challenge for me)
15. Doing yoga and meditation every day, since last seven months (Believe me Inner Engineering is magic)
16. Became a part of Youth and Truth campaign by Sadhguru
17. I had three major Breakthroughs;
About my relationship with money
About my behavior regards relationship
The biggest one, the source of my misery and joy (Thanks to Inner Engineering again)
These are not the teachings or lessons I learned, these are my true Experiences
18. I also got the privilege to meet few awesome people and learn from them on this planet earth.
R. Subramanya (best-selling author of awaken the millionaire within )
Shiva Sir
RadhaShyam Sundar daas ji
List is Long and I may not be able to write down all the names but these people have actually touch me deep down
19. Every time adversity hits me and I think situation is awful, my friends made a cocoon and protects me. I am literally grateful to have friends like you……
Rhýthm Chawla (Dude), Ajeet Kumar, Divyanshu Madhwal, Rahul Saini, Rajeev , Maghendra Pratap Singh (Bahubali), Varsha, Yuhandhar, Shrey Garg, Sumedha Sharma , Swasti Jain , Akhand Pratap Singh Rohit (bro) Thanks for supporting me when I needed it the most. You guys literally helped me and added huge values in my life.
20. At last but most important, I found and meet my Guru. I don’t have the right words but I am extremely grateful to you Sadhguru for showing me the path.
Sorry for going this long, I have so many other things but won’t be possible to add every single things. Happy New Year to all of you and I wish you may be joyful this whole year.

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